Cray Cray over Cro Cro v1.2

Wildflour Cafe and Bakery – Croissant Donuts

Even after hearing/reading just average reviews of their “cronut” and even after trying out several versions of this elusive pastry (Cafe France, Krispy Kreme, Bronut and Dunkin Donut), I still have been wanting to try “the one that started it all" (at least here in Manila).  

So when JodiesDaddy surprised me with a box of Croissant Donuts from Wildflour (I actually don’t know what’s causing his “sweets” binge lately haha not that I’m complaining) – I was very happy.

He got 4 flavors for us to share: Tiramisu, Caramel, Strawberry and Chocolate.

Of all the cronuts I’ve tried, Wildflours is the one that comes close to an otap haha  the dough was flaky and crunchy and very sugary.  And its topping/flavor, though not as generously spread out like that of Bronuts, had a good sweet taste to it.

And you know what?! I really really liked it! At the very least, I wasn’t disappointed. I liked its crunch and the flavor was not too bad either. I was also anticipating something very greasy, but it wasnt.  I think it’s a good thing that I wasn’t expecting too much anymore.. (and I wasn’t, after all the feedback I’ve read/been told) hahaha

Overall, I was satisfied with Wildflour’s croissant donut, and I wouldn’t mind going back for more 🙂

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