Our 30-minute meal

It was an impromptu home made dinner for JodiesDaddy and I. We were all set to eating out because we were bracing ourselves for heavy traffic due to the rally along Ayala Avenue. But to our surprise, traffic was not heavy at all and we got home even earlier than a normal weekday!

Since we did not have dinner prepared, we had to come up with a quick fix, a 30-minute (or less) meal. It was time to channel Rachael Ray and Jamie Oliver ;D

PART I – For Me:
I took this chance to whip myself up a Cacio E Pepe (again), this time using good old spaghetti noodles and a very simple recipe a friend gave me.

It is so simple that there are only 3 ingredients – Freshly grated Pecorino (some use Parmesan), ground pepper, and butter – well, it is actually 5 ingredients if you count the noodles and the pasta water.

I really liked how this dish turned out – very cheesy and peppery hahaha.

The Cacio E Pepe is now my favorite go-to pasta dish to make at home.. Provided of course that I have some Pecorino lying around haha


PART II – For JodiesDaddy:
JodiesDaddy had a pack of Japanese instant ramen noodles from his Japanese Colleague straight from, you guessed it, Japan! Haha

He dressed up his ramen by adding some bacon and a beaten egg to the broth and turned out to be really good and so close to the real thing.20131005-102406.jpg

Our meals took only less than 30-minutes each to prepare, and yet it was so satisfying. And as easy it was to prepare, it was equally quick to be devoured! From start to finish: an HOUR hahaha

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