Date-Night Chronicles (October 5): URBN Bar & Kitchen

I always see URBN’s humongous signage on my way home each day. It’s located where Pier 1 at the Fort used to be (side note: Pier 1 has a sentimental value to JodiesDaddy and I. It was one of the first few places we went to when were not yet even boyfriend-girlfriend haha). And it’s piqued my interest for awhile. Not only because of its signage but also because my brother posted some photos of the food he ate there before and it looked mouthwatering.

Although I was curious, I wasn’t really going to go out of my way to go to a par-teh place just to have dinner (I’ll feel out of place with the young ‘uns haha). Besides it looked swanky and honestly, I don’t like “dressing up”.

Buy Lo’ and behold, I found an opportunity and an excuse to go there when I saw vouchers being sold in one online discount website! I consulted with my brother first and he told me it would be worth it!

We shared, appetizers: Manchego Soufflé with crispy Jamon Serrano and Truffle oil

I fell in love with this. I loved its flavor and the contrast of the soft and smooth with the crispy of the Jamon. Two thumbs up!

JodiesDaddy had: The Blackbenny Angus Burger served with sweet potato fries

Hmmmmm I don’t think he enjoyed this too much. I honestly think the patty was too thick! I noticed with burgers this thick, I’ve never had one that was cooked perfectly. JodiesDaddy asked for medium, and it looked more like a Steak Tartare hehe. He had it sent back to the kitchen to cook it to medium well, and it still looked raw haha

I had: Chicken Fried Steak. I asked for French fries instead of the mash

Our server said it was one of their best sellers. He explained that it was not fried chicken, instead it was steak coated with a fried chicken batter haha. I wasn’t sure if I should expect a crispy batter or not, but it was soggy. It was not too bad.

We shared, dessert: Chocolate Love-ah cake
Served with sea salt and EVOO.
I loved this toooooo! So good! It was drool-worthy.

For me, the winners of this meal were the starter and the dessert. JodiesDaddy and I were both underwhelmed with our main dishes. I’m not ruling out URBN from my “I-will-be-back” list, only because I really really loved the Soufflé and the dessert.

Have you been to URBN? What did you think? What should we try next time?

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