JIJF Lutong Bahay Ni Inay
Candelaria, Quezon

We haven’t visited the province in awhile. So we were really looking forward to not only the road trip, but also the food trip that normally comes along with these out of town trips.

JodiesDodo (my dad) suggested 3 places: Shakey’s along the National Highway, at the resort’s coffee shop or a “crispy pata place in Candelaria”.

We didn’t have to think twice. Good ol’ crispy pata won. JodiesDaddy and JodiesDodo had eaten here before and both were raving about the delicious home cooking.

As the name of the restaurant implies, it is a place that specializes in home cooked favorites – aptly located in a house in a somewhat private subdivision (they have another branch in the town center). There is no fixed menu, but they are known for their Crispy Pata (Pork Trotters) and Sinigang na Hipon (A sour soup base with prawns). So we had to have that.

The pata was THE BOMB! Super good.. I could go on and on and on eating this. And I really had to control myself haha. The soup on the other hand, was somewhat a new experience for me because I was so overwhelmed at how HUGE the prawn was. When JodiesDaddy first told me that we were going to be served only 1 prawn each, I was initially quite doubtful if I would get full with just one prawn! But my, oh my, I ate my words the minute I saw it 😀

We also had Ensaladang Pako (A seaweed salad) served with salted eggs and green mangoes and for dessert, a Filipino favorite, Leche Flan (a caramel and milk custard).

Overall, it was a very satisfying Filipino meal. I was very very happy I was able to try it and honestly, I will be looking forward to it on our next visit to the province 🙂

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