Date-Night Chronicles: Saboten

For the past few weeks, JodiesDaddy and I have not been trying out new restaurants as much as we’d like to or as much as we used to. I kind of miss it, to be honest. Luckily, we still were able to visit one new place before the year ends (hopefully, not the last!) — SABOTEN

It’s a Japanese cutlet place, very very similar to Yabu. In fact their meals also came with unlimited rice, shredded cabbage and miso soup.

JodiesDaddy had:

Clay pot loin set

I had:

the Original loin set

Jodie had:

French fries

In my humble opinion, Saboten is one of the better katsu places. It ranks up there with Yabu. The meat was tender and did not have any smell and the breading was light and airy. 2 important tests of how I like my pork cutlet done.

Since our first visit there, we’ve already been back with my side of the family. And they all agree with me in saying that Saboten was definitely value for money.

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