RAMENiscing: Ramen Nagi

Ramen Nagi is finally open in our neck of the woods. I say finally because JodiesDaddy and I have been anticipating its opening ever since we read a preview praising this ramen house a few months back.

Their menu is very straightforward (according to our server, they will have a full scale menu by January), offering only 5 different kinds of ramen: Original King (Butao), Red King (Akao), Black King (Kuroo), Green King (Midorio) and a Limited King.

What sets Ramen Nagi apart from other ramen places is the option to either get the “Chef’s Recommendation” or customize your bowl to your liking. You can choose the richness, special sauces, its spiciness, how much garlic you want, the kind of vegetables you want added, what part of pork to be served and how you want your noodles done.

JodiesDaddy had: the Red King“A striking blend of garlic, chili oil and cayenne pepper in a velvety broth; topped by a tempting ball of miso-infused minced pork and select Nagi cayenne, with tender chashu”

JodiesDaddy customized his bowl by choosing pork belly, hard noodles and making the spicy level 2. It was a big mistake haha. You see, the Red King is already very spicy as it is. By hiking up the spice level to 2, made it too hot for JodiesDaddy. It was very good, he said, but the spiciness killed it for him.. Not to mention, his stomach 🙂I had: the Original King“Award-winning tonkotsu pork-broth prepared in the traditional method, mouth-wateringly rich, fresh and aromatic; special handcrafted noodles and classic Nagi pork chashu.”

I customized my bowl by adding cabbage, choosing pork belly, selecting extra hard noodles and adding a little spice – level 2. I liked my choice! The broth was nice and think and flavorful.. And mine had just the right spice in it. The pork belly was thick and juicy. And the noodles had the al dente feel to it.

Overall, we were very happy with Ramen Nagi (and I personally can’t wait to try the Green King – theres something about its pesto feel that’s got me intrigued). It was a great way to end our year of RAMENiscing.

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