RAMENiscing: Tampopo

Just when I thought I was done with RAMENiscing 2013, JodiesDaddy comes up with a bright idea to go all the way to the Promenade in Greenhills to try out yet another ramen place called Tampopo. Luckily, we were there early, on a long weekend, so there was not much of a crowd.20131230-163726.jpg
Upon the suggestion of our server, we tried their 2 bestsellers.

JodiesDaddy had: Deluxe Tampopo Black Pig Shabu Ramen
This was a Kyushu ramen, which had thin and hard noodles and pork bone soup.

I had: Hakodate Original Ramen
This was a Hokkaido ramen which had thick and chewy noodles and a pork and chicken bone soup base.

Both our ramen had a light taste to it. It wasn’t as malinamnam (rich in flavor) like other ramen places and some people actually prefer this kind of ramen.

Since JodiesDaddy and I prefer a slightly thicker and richer broth, we weren’t totally blown away with Tampopo’s signature ramen and actually felt something was lacking from our bowls of soup. That’s why we had an additional order of a Pork Loin cutlet (tonkatsu). The breading was really light and there was slight flavor to it. It was not bad at all.

So, if you’re the type who prefers subtle flavors in their ramen, then Tampopo might be the place for you.

I think it’s now safe to say that Tampopo caps off our year of RAMENisicng. With the ramen craze still at its peak, JodiesDaddy and I are looking forward to what 2014 can bring!

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