RAMENiscing: Ramen Nagi – sampling the Black King

JodiesDaddy and I enjoyed Ramen Nagi so much that we wanted to go back as soon as we left the last time haha! Sure enough, since my last post, we’ve been there already twice.

For both visits, I had the Black King (Kuroo) Ramen. I customized it by getting extra hard noodles (the way to go haha), selecting my choice of pork (after trying the pork should and belly, I personally prefer the shoulder) and adjusting the heat level (between level 1 and 2). All other options I left at “normal”.

At first, I was hesitant to try the Black King since the broth is squid ink. And for some crazy reason, I thought it would taste like adobong pusit. I was proven wrong. Instead it was a rich (but not thick) garlic infused tonkotsu broth, and to be honest I didn’t taste much of the squid. Every slurp really transported me to ramen heaven. I fell in love with this King.

Ramen Nagi is just the type of ramen JodiesDaddy and I enjoy – rich in flavor, with a little kick, and bad-ass noodles. What kind of ramen do you like?

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