Date-Night Chronicles: a Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante

JodiesDaddy and I were looking for a not-so expensive pizza place in Glorietta. It was part of our treat to Jodie (who wanted to eat pizza) for getting higher grades this 2nd term. We initially thought of Shakey’s but we were the 8th in line. No thank you. We were hungry. Then we thought of a Veneto in Glorietta 3.

I can’t recall the last time I was at a Veneto (or Napoli) — must’ve been a couple of years — but what I do remember is, it served relatively good Italian fare (pizza, pasta, calzone and more) at very reasonable prices. So it seemed like the perfect choice for us. And it turned out that it actually was.

We All Shared:

Chicken Wings – our server was kind enough to suggest we separate the sauce for Jodie which was a bit spicy. The wings alone without the sauce was pretty tasty. JodiesDaddy liked it!

Onion Rings – what was supposed to be an appetizer turned out to be the final dish served haha. Decent onion rings with a great dipping sauce.

and a Taco Pizza – JodiesDaddy and I were kind of expecting this to be like the Taco Pizza of D’Marks… But it wasn’t the same. Jodie however, seemed to enjoy it as she devoured close to 2 slices!

Overall we were content with our dinner. The food was satisfying and at the same time not too heavy on our wallet.

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