Date-Night Chronicles: The Goose Station (Deal Grocer Menu)

The first/last time we were at The Goose Station, we were completely blown away by our degustation experience. So last December, when Deal Grocer came out with another fantastic deal it, we did not think twice and got ourselves (together with a couple of good friends) some vouchers (mind you, it was about a 40% discount, who could say no haha).

Even if our menu was the “discounted” one, I did not feel that The Goose Station scrimped on our food.

While this degustation had some similarities with our previous Deal Grocer menu…

…this meal still turned out to be quite different and ABSOLUTELY fabulous. Plus, it had its own shining stars to boot!

Just remembering what I had is making me salivate haha

Discounted or not, The Goose Station is definitely a great dining experience. I would still highly recommend it, even if it might not be for everyone. And given the chance, would I go back again? OF COURSE!

P.S. excuse the photos, as they were all taken with my mobile phone.

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