When I was in Japan…

…I made sure I ate:
1. A Bento Box (YAY!!)
2. RAMEN (this was a shoyu based ramen, and was super YUM!)
3. Assorted Tempura (hmmmm I’m pretty sure there are better ones than this from Tokyo Disney)
4. Gyoza (I loved the crispy burnt side hehe)
5. Chahan (this fried rice was sooooo good and I finished all by myself haha)

I was also lucky enough to try this:
6. Black Ice Cream ( just vanilla ice cream – for awhile I thought it was because of sulfur haha)
7. And this ramekin of what seemed like a de-constructed maki of sorts

However, due to time constraints, I did not get to devour any:
Sushi, Sashimi, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki balls, Tonkatsu, Beef Curry and a whole lot more… At least this gives me a valid reason to go back to Japan again 😀

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