RAMENisicing: Nomama Artisinal Ramen

Capitol Commons, Kapitolyo, Pasig

After about 2 years of reading and getting recommendations for Nomama Artisinal Ramen, JodiesDaddy and I were finally able to dine in last Sunday. Luckily, they opened a branch in Capitol Commons in Pasig so we did not have to trek all the way to QC.

We started out with a Mushroom Gyoza. This was really good. No need for any dipping sauce, if you ask me. It had a nice, nutty flavor to it. And the wrapper was on the chewy side – which complemented its crunchy burnt side 🙂

For Jodie, we got her Tofu Fries and a Teriyaki Tonkatsu Pizza.

Initially, I thought the fries would be on the crispy side (I was wrong haha) because it turned out to be sticks of tofu which were coated with bread crumbs then fried – so it still had the tofu consistency – served with a sweet chili sauce.

I also thought that the pizza would be like a normal pizza with dough. I was wrong again. My mistake was I did not bother to ask beforehand. It was actually a pork cutlet topped with Kikkoman, gruyere, apples and wild arugula. I actually found this interesting and liked it. I loved the melted gruyere.

JodiesDaddy had the Wagyu Steak and Onion ramen, triple onion and miso pepper butter.

This ramen was served with the broth separate from the noodles. According to our server it was to preserve the quality of the Wagyu Steak (which was sooook good and tender, btw. I could eat it with plain rice and I would have been happy). It had a tonkotsu based broth that we both really enjoyed.

I had the classic Nomama Ramen. As per their menu, it has a pork-based broth, special miso-sesame blend. I found it to be light but still flavorful. The chashu slices were smaller than what I am used too, but it was very very tasty. Loved those chashu slices.

Frankly, I really enjoyed our lunch! And I wouldn’t mind going back to Nomama to try their other offerings. Have you been there? What else would you recommend? 🙂

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