Date-Night Chronicles: Tao Yuan Seafood restaurant
2nd Floor, Greenbelt 3

I have been feeling down the past few days. And when I say down, I mean bordering to depressed. And whenever I get that way, I turn to food. Yes, unfortunately I am an emotional eater.

I guess to some extent I’m lucky this time because JodiesDaddy has been so patient with me and would let me eat whatever I want (I know I will regret this binging next month). So… On one random evening after work, I was craving for Peking Duck and we really went out of our way scouring for a place that would sell peking duck for 2!

Lo and behold, Tao Yuan in Greenbelt sold half a duck! We knew it was still going to be to much, but we just couldn’t resist. We had the duck served two-way. Yum, yum, yum!

Besides the duck, we also had halabos na suahe (steamed shrimps), which were 50% off that evening, and Fujian fried rice.

The whole meal was too much for the 2 of us.. But at that time, I really didn’t care.

So, did all that food make me feel better in the end? Unfortunately, no 😦

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