Century City Mall

CaliBurger is in Manila! I was pretty excited when I first found out that it was supposedly a “relative” of the very popular California burger chain, In-And-Out Burgers. However, after reading several conflicting reports, I soon realized that it was NOT the international brand of In-And-Out. Rather it was the closest you could get to In-And-Out.

JodiesDaddy and I both had a Double Cali burger set meal (which came with soda and fries) but we upgraded his fries to the Wild Fries and his drink to a vanilla milkshake.

It was a decent and very filling burger. And the fries were good to boot. BUT, I honestly thought that it was nothing mind-blowing. Actually, to me it did not compare to the meal we had just a week before at a local burger chain. Add to that, it was rather expensive. The set meal I had was P295, but JodiesDaddy’s upgraded meal went up to P560!

I am now very curious. To those who’ve tried both In-And-Out and CaliBurger, does CaliBurger really come close?! Because, if it does, then what makes In-And-Out much raved about? I am not being snarky. But I’m just really, really curious.

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