What we ate during our out of town trip:

  1. Red Engine at Sky Ranch for lunch where we had wings, a burger and a pizza. Hate to say it, but the food we ate was nothing special. Wish we could have gone some place else but everything else was full.
  2. To make up for our mediocre lunch, we decided to eat at Bag of Beans for dinner. We hadn’t been here for years! And we were surprised at how big the place has transformed into. While Jodie and JodiesDaddy were pleased with their food, I thought my roast beef was on the tough side. But ambiance alone made up for it. Loved it there.
  3. Our last meal before heading home was lunch, we decided to leave Tagaytay right after breakfast to avoid traffic and ended up in Sta. Rosa. We ate at Ryuma Restaruant, a Japanese restaurant at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. This meal I really liked. JodiesDaddy had his Chirashi, Jodie and I shared a set meal with chahan and yasai itame. I also ordered an Alasakan maki on the side.

It was a good mini-vacation. Not really a food trip excursion for us, but a yummy one nonetheless. I know Tagaytay/Sta. Rosa are supposed to be a foodie’s heaven. But I didn’t do my research ahead of time. Any suggestions where we should go to next time were there (except for all the Antonio’s and Sonya’s hehe) that is child friendly too?

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