Date-Night Chronicles: Sariwon Korean Barbecue

Bonifacio High Street Central

JodiesDaddy and I had an impromptu date night at Sariwon Korean Barbeque. We’ve always avoided eating at Sariwon (or any other Korean restaurant for that matter) as we were worried we would end up comparing it to our favorite Korean restaurant, Manna. But we took the risk. And boy oh boy, we both were glad we did!

We had:

  • Galbi280grams of marinated USDA Choice beef ribs

    We asked for a medium doneness for our barbecue. They barbecued the beef in front of us and we ate it wrapped in lettuce with a little gochugang (chili paste), sesame oil, garlic and a kimchi slice.20140427-154413.jpg20140427-154609.jpg

  • Soondubu ChigaeA hearty hot and spicy tofu stew made with mussels and broth

    JodiesDaddy loved this! It seemed like a very simple dish, but it was bursting with that spicy Korean flavor we love.20140427-154617.jpg

  • Dolsot-bibimbapIt’s your classic bibimbap but served in a sizzling stone pot and an egg yolk

    This reminded me of the one I have for lunch at RCBC plaza but 2x more expensive hahaha. Nonetheless, it was a great dish!20140427-154624.jpg

  • Doenjang ChigaeA spicy stew made of soybean paste, beef, tofu and vegetables

    Good thing this was a freebie because we didn’t like this as much as the Soondubu

It really pays to go out of your comfort zone at times. Not only did Sariwon have superb food, but the service was excellent! Seems like we now have a new Korean go-to restaurant!

P.S. They had unlimited servings of kimchi and Banchan (Korean side dishes)!

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