Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen
White Plaines, Quezon City

Last Independence Day, JodiesDaddy was craving for pho. Since we were already in the QC area, we ended up at Bawai’s – a Vietnamese restaurant which originated in Tagaytay (this, I believe, is their first branch in Manila).

We Had: (descriptions came from the menu)

  • Bon Bu Hue – Spiced beef and pineapple-glazed pork knuckle noodle soup
  • Bun Bo Xao – Pan seared lemongrass beef, with fresh and pickled vegetables, topped with roasted nuts
  • Cha Gio – Buttered chicken, pork, and herb fried roll
  • Cam Suong Cha – Grilled pork liempo with mushroom egg pie and greens
  • Ca Phe Sua Da – Trung Nguyen iced coffee with milk

Here’s what JodiesDaddy has to say:

“The food was disappointing. Maybe we ordered the wrong dishes, or maybe we had too high expectations about the place. We had two noodle dishes; a pho with beef and pork slices and a dry noodles with veggies and beef. The noodles were soggy and both lacked flavor. I couldn’t help but compare it to the the noodles at Pho Hoa, which I thought was more flavorful. We also had a pork belly dish that was okay, nothing great. All in all, the food was not that special and expensive.”

I think JodiesDaddy and I were just expecting too much out of this much talked about Vietnamese Kitchen, that’s why we ended up quite disappointed with our food. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t terrible, but it just wasn’t mind-blowing as we were hoping it to be.

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