Shine Bakery + Cafe

I’ve been wanting to eat at Shine Bakery + Cafe for quite some time. But it wasn’t a place that tickled JodiesDaddy’s fancy. So the moment I saw discount coupons available, I made sure I didn’t let it slip away. Because by purchasing it in advance there was no way he could say no anymore haha.

We started by having their Umami Fries. I read so many great things about these fries.. And it did not fail! It had parmesan and nori sprinkled all over.

Next up, were the 2 main dishes that JodiesDaddy and I decided to share.
The Chorizo Fried Rice reminded me of an Arroz ala Cubana (replacing the ground beef with chorizo)

And the BBQ Blue Cheese Burger, was one of the best burgers I’ve tasted. The patty in itself was juicy and flavorful. I liked that there were chunks of beef – not all finely ground beef.

Even Jodie enjoyed her Kid’s Meal of Fish and Rice. She nearly finished the whole plate!

From my understanding, Shine is known for their eclairs and other desserts. Unfortunately, we were not able to try it. But despite that, our meal alone is reason enough for us to pay them a visit once again.

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