Date-Night Chronicles: Ramen Iroha

W Global Center, 9th Ave. corner 30th Street, BGC

JodiesDaddy and I chanced upon Ramen Iroha one evening as we were looking for a place for dinner. We were enticed by their signage boasting that they (or was it their Chef?) bagged the People’s Choice Award at the Tokyo Ramen Show. And so we thought, why not?! And it looked promising 🙂

I had: Toyoma Black Soy Sauce Ramen – I found this to be “lighter” and less rich than the Ramen’s I normally like. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t something that made an impression.

JodiesDaddy had: Pork Niku-Soba – He liked this more than mine. It was on the sweet side and kind of reminded me of a Sukiyaki. Again, nothing exceptional.

We Loved: The Gyoza 🙂

For us, Ramen Iroha does not rank in our top/favorite Ramen restaurants. I think it’s just that at this point, we’ve already made up our minds as to what we like in a bowl of Ramen. This may be great for others, but for us, it just didn’t hit THAT spot.

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