Date-Night Chronicles: J and J Kitchen

Somewhere in Pasig

Two of our good friends, Jan and Jules celebrated their birthday this month of February. They’re a married couple who share not only the love for scuba diving, traveling and photography but also of cooking and entertaining. It’s always a privilege to be invited to their home because you can always expect a SPECTACULAR, well-thought of meal – and if you’re lucky – reminiscent from their latest trip. And last night was no exception.

We were treated to:

  • New Zealand Mussels cooked in white wine
  • Grade A5 Wagyu steak – this was smoked to perfection before it was placed in the oven and seared. It was also served with some Angus Rib-Eye, mashed potatoes and French string beans
  • Quezo de Bola cheesecake – home made goodness! I liked that it was not too sweet. It was topped with Royce chocolate covered potato chips.

And to compliment the meal, we were served champagne, white and red wine, coffee or tea and the guys had their fill of a single malt. It was really as if we were dining out in fancy-shmancy fine-dining restaurant. When in fact we were in the confines of a wonderful home, enjoying with a group of friends who liked to cook and who liked to eat 😀

Thanks Jan and Jules!

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