DimDimSum Dim Sum Specialty Store (Jordan Branch, Hong Kong)

When I was doing my online research on budget-friendly dim sum restaurants, DimDimSum was almost always mentioned along with One Dimsum (and Tim Ho Wan which I didn’t consider as it’s already available here). The deciding factor was when a friend of mine highly recommended DimDimSum. And it did not disappoint!

JodiesDaddy had:

  • Chicken feet and spareribs on steamed rice
  • Chicken and mushroom on steamed rice

JodiesDaddy who initially just ordered the Chicken Feet rice couldn’t get enough hence another order of steamed rice. And for someone who normally does not like chicken and mushroom, he devoured this.

JodiesDaddy and I shared:

  • Crispy Rice Flour Rolls with Shrimp – this was a pleasant surprise! Because it didn’t look crispy but there was definitely a crunch in there!
  • Pan Fried Stuffed Eggplant with Teriyaki Sauce – this was stuffed with what seemed like a huge shrimp ball. JodiesDaddy really liked this
  • My favorite, the Piggy Custard Buns! – It wasn’t filled with BBQ pork, instead it was a custard that seemed to made of salted eggs. It was TO.DIE.FOR!
  • Pork Dumplings with Crab Roe (Siu Mai) – nothing spectacular, to be honest. But still one good siomai.

Jodie and I had:

  • Abalone Stir fried noodles – we only ordered noodles for Jodie because she wanted some and to celebrate JodiesDaddy’s birthday.

I hate to sound generic but food was really awesome. I would definitely recommend it. My only regret is that we were only able to eat here once hehe. We actually can’t wait for a next HK trip, because we will be back! And hopefully be able to try One Dimsum too 🙂

What’s your favorite HK restaurant on a shoe-string budget?

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