We found ourselves at Kafé Batwan by Sarsá at Rockwell for lunch over the weekend. It was an unlikely choice by JodiesDaddy, but a good one. Lucky for me, because I’ve been wanting to try this out!

We had:

  • Madrid Fusion Super Batchoy – their take on the Filipino classic (and JodiesDaddy’s favorite Filipino dish) was served with kurobuta charsiu, a soft boiled egg, tuna skin with a 12-hour broth that still had that distinct batchoy taste. This did not disappoint!
  • Pancit Palabok – this was a very rich and “saucy” version of Palabok. I liked that the egg was runny (not a fan of hard boiled eggs), and that there was squid and crablets mixed into it.
  • Pinoy Fish and Chips – they used hito, instead of the usual Dory/Halibut.. And the menu distinctly mentions using San Miguel beer for the batter hehe. The chips were of sweet potato to give it a more Filipino twist.

Overall, the food and ambiance were great at Kafé Batwan. Next on our list is Sarsá.

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