A Walleye and some fries

A walleye is a very popular fish in Minneapolis whose flesh is somewhat firm and meaty.  I had this version of walleye from TwinCity Grill in the Mall of America served like fish and chips.  Like any other fish and chips, the walleye was battered and deep fried (walleye can be served so many other ways and is not limited to just fish and chips) and served on a bed of fries with some tartar sauce.

There are 2 important factors to this particular dish, because not only was the walleye so good but the Salt and Vinegar fries made the entire meal even better!  Yes, you heard me right..  SALT.AND.VINEGAR.FRIES.  Whoever came up with this is an absolute genius!  

Have you tried  walleye or salt and vinegar fries?  What did you think?  

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