Breakfast in the U.S.A.

Breakfast at our hotel in Minneapolis consisted of mainly sausage (whether patties or links), breads, eggs (that seemed to come out from a box), cereal and some cheese.  So for 3 days straight, my plate was mostly like this.  While it didn’t taste too bad, I could not have it again on our last few days… 

… That is why we ended up in IHOP – which was just next door.  I had bacon, eggs, hash browns and red velvet pancakes which were so good because of that drizzle of cream cheese frosting.  The salad wasn’t mine.. But including it in the picture made my breakfast seem healthier haha 
When I got to Seattle.. My mom made sure I had something good on my first day — after a long day of traveling.  

This was supposed to be brunch.  But I woke up late and it ended up being a late lunch with my family at Bay Cafe.  Good thing it was just 5 minutes from the house, because they were starving and so was I!  I had chicken fried steak served with gravy and hash browns.  YUMMY! 

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