Team Dinners in Minneapolis

I had the privilege to go to Minneapolis a few weeks back to finally meet colleagues I’ve been working with for nearly 2 years.  The meetings we had were all very fruitful and was always capped off by lovely team dinners.
Dinner 1 – Timber Lodge Steakhouse 

 This dinner involved all 3 team, Delivery, Products and IT-Development Team and was the first time for us (from Manila) to sample Minneapolis classics:  cheese curds and walleye.

Shown below (from top left – clockwise): Onion Blossom, fried cheese curds, Parmesan crusted walleye and deep fried mushrooms.
While I was successfully able to avoid red meat when we dined at Timber Lodge Steakhouse, I ended up eating and sampling food that was fried or deep-fried. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (I love fried food) but I think my arteries were. Haha 


Dinner 2 – Beirut Restaurant 

 I was given the “honor” to make the final decision for our 2nd night’s dinner.  It was a toss up between burgers and Lebanese cuisine.  I chose the latter.

We all had The Mezza.  It had was a sampling of appetizers (Grape leaf rolls, Fried cauliflower, Shawarma, Loubieh, Chesse & Olives) + your choice of 2 kebobs.  It was sooooooo good, but unfortunately, a wee bit too much (look at the crowded table above) 


Dinner 3 – Blue Stem Bar,  Pat’s Tap and TGIFridays 

 We all first enjoyed happy hour in Blue Stem Bar.  This followed our team building in an escape room.  It was good to unwind and talk about the events at the escape room which proved to be so much fun!  We had some appetizers to share (sausages, nachos and cheese – not shown).  As I have to watch my alcohol content, I had the Stiegle Ridler.  This was primarily grapefruit juice more than alcohol. 

We met with the Delivery folks in Pat’s Tap for dinner and more drinks.  This was the last night we were all going to be together.  We again all shared some cheese curds and I had a grilled cheese. 

When we called it the night, some of us still wanted to drink!  TGI Friday’s was literally just next door to our hotel so that’s where we ended up in.  I had this really great tasting Peach Sangria and picked on a Jalapeño popper. 


All in all, we had a very PRODUCTIVE time in Minneapolis.  In this time of work-from-home and globalization, there’s nothing like meeting up with colleagues from across the globe.  Not only is is good to see each other face-to-face, but I feel it somewhat creates a bond that a phone can’t create.  Here’s to more team meetings like these!

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