JodiesDaddy and I capped off our week with a bowl of ramen made by the “Ramen Nazi” himself in a place that sparked our Ramen love — Ukkokei Ramen Ron. 

We’ve been going to Ukkokei Ramen Ron for over 7 years now, and even after the Ramen boom some 2-3 years ago, it still remains to be one of our favorites!  Whether I’m in the mood for Miso or Tantanmen,  Ukkokei Ramen Ron always hits the spot!

What is your favorite ramen?

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  1. I hate to admit this… never had real ramen… All I have tried is the kind you buy in the packages… (none of those I would consider my “favorite”… they were just cheap and easy)

    1. JodiesMommy says:

      Oh no, really?!? Why not? Ramen is like an addiction to us! But I hate to admit, I LOVE packaged ramen noodles too! Haha

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