When the BAes get together

This time last week, I was in Batangas with the rest of the BA team for our first ever weekend getaway. The trip was highlighted by the non-stop laughter, unlimited story-sharing,  PinoyHenyo, bottomless cocktails and a most awesome dinner prepared by the BA boys (plus Lo).

The drinking started as early as 2PM, with the boys (led by Al) passing around Alien Secretions, Rum Cokes and  Cranberry Vodka.  We also had endless chicharon and Cheetos to complement the drinking.

For dinner, Ig and Ch took on the task of grilling chicken, pork belly, hotdogs and Lo’s eggplant.  Inspite of the 2 having their own opinion on how to approach the grilling, their teamwork produced excellent BBQ!

While all that grilling action was taking place, Lo and Ca prepped the ensalada.

But it didn’t end there, because in addition to all of that yummy food, Ca fried fishballs and whipped up his super-just-like-manong’s fishball sauce!

And then dinner was served… But before that, picture taking first! 


Now, we can eat!  Let’s eat!!!

This was was one of the most awesome weekends I’ve had away from my family.  It was so awesome that it left a hanging question,”When’s the next?!”

Cheers to this BA team!  Thanks to Th for gluing us together 🙂

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