For the longest time I’ve been wanting to eat at the critically acclaimed Mecha Uma.  Unfortunately, it’s one of those restaurants you have to save up for.  Luckily, the guys who gave us Mecha Uma created a more budget-friendly spin-off, Ooma.  Even more lucky for me, they opened in the Makati area!  Yippee!

Ooma basically serves Japanese fusion cuisine and here was what we had:

From top left (clockwise)

  • Corn and Oyster Kaki-age
  • House Chahan
  • Anago truffle mushroom hot soba
  • Spicy tuna maki
  • Buta Kakuni Onigiri

From top left (clockwise)

  • O-gyoza
  • Tori Kara-age
  • Tempura soft shell crab maki
  • Gyudon
  • Buta Kakuni

I honestly can’t wait to go back to Ooma.  I liked the ambiance and I liked how they added their own twist to more common/traditional Japanese food.  Plus there are still other dishes I can’t wait to try.  Have you been to Ooma?  What else would you recommend?

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  1. Teesh Osita says:

    Everything looks so yummy!!!

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