Oh my, Gino’s!

Gino’s Brickoven has been around and I have been wanting to try it out for the longest time.  However, for one reason or another, I would always get vetoed when I suggest Gino’s to JodiesDaddy.  Lucky for me, I have officemates who like to eat.. And even more lucky that they were craving Gino’s Salted Egg pasta!

This photo does not do justice to how good this pasta was.  It was like adding a Filipino twist to a Classic Carbonara – one of my favorite pasta dishes to make.   The salted egg went well with the bacon and parmigiano reggiano and it did not render the dish too salty.  Oh, my!

One of the reasons why I’ve been wanting to go to Gino’s was because of their Burrata which I’ve read about.   As this was a MUST for me we had this Burrata Caprese to start our meal with.

To be honest, I was expecting a bigger piece haha but I liked it nonetheless.  Put it this way, I can wipe this out if I had it for myself haha oh, my!

I would have been fine with just the the first 2 orders, but the dining experience would not be complete without pizza.

The SMEGG is another dish Gino’s is known for as well as their spicy honey. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too blown away by the pizza, but I really liked the honey as it was something new to me.

But the pizza I fell in love with was the Bacon Gouda pizza.

They sure didn’t scrimp on the bacon making this pizza a bacon-lover’s dream come true! Oh, my!

To say that I was happy with the food at Gino’s is an understatement.  I was beyond happy.  For other Gino’s lovers out there, what else would you recommend?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Teesh Osita says:

    I still haven’t been to Gino’s!! But my sucky schedule does not allow it haha

    1. JodiesMommy says:

      Haha over the weekend, try mo :). I was pleasantly surprised talaga!

      1. Teesh Osita says:

        I’m gonna try it maybe tomorrow! Wee

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