Date Night Chronicles:  Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

The first time we ate at Wildflour, we thought it was overrated and the food we ordered wasn’t too great.  We still went back several times after, but we still weren’t sold.  

Fast forward to one month ago.  I took a visiting colleague there for dinner and suddenly, I felt transformed.  The food WAS good, and I really, really fell in love with their bread.  Strange.

What was more strange was when JodiesDaddy decided to eat at Wildflour for our Date Night!  It was soooooo not him since he’s the type to stay away from hipster hang-outs and have ramen on a rainy day instead of crusty bread.  But who was complaining?  Not me!

We shared:

Mussels and Fries – the broth was kind of bland but it hit that mussel craving of JodiesDaddyWe left with clean plates, empty glasses and full stomachs.

California Burger – I had a change of heart for this burger.  While I think it’s a tad over priced, I took solace in the the pattie was cooked to perfection (medium) and seasoned well.


Arugula Torchiette – there was nothing I didn’t like.  The poached egg that topped it coated the pasta, mushroom, sausage and kale added that extra richness to this dish.

Like most of our Date Nights, our Wildflour meal ended our very busy and stressful week on the right foot.  We left with clean plates, empty drinks and full stomachs ready to face our next battle: Friday traffic!

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  1. Teesh Osita says:

    Mussels & fries – such a weird combination!

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