Izakaya Sensu is love

We fell in love with Izakaya Sensu.

It was my sister, JodiesNinang, who first told me about Izakaya Sensu. She was raving about it and since then, it had been tagged as one of our must-try’s in BGC. The first time JodiesDaddy and I attempted to go here for an after work date-night, it was raining, there was no parking and it looked packed with people, so we backed-out.  

On our second attempt, we were successful and got parking and a table without a hitch. In fact, we were the first ones there (I’m thinking it might be because it was a weekend and lunch time).

To be honest, we were overwhelmed with the menu and didn’t know what to order and ended up with quite a LOT of food. Not that we were complaining.

We shared:

An assortment of Nigiri – In the words of JodiesDaddy, it was divine! From L-R Ika Shiso, Hamachj, Aji, Hata, Uni.

Sensu Tamago – not your ordinary Tamago. It was indeed like a soufflé (as stated in the menu). It was creamy and silky with the right amount of firmness. I liked that extra touch of “Branding” on the face of the Tamago.

Asari Butter – this dish lived up to its name. It was all shades of buttery. JodiesDaddy, who is not exactly a butter-lover devoured the sauce of this dish.

Yaki Meshi – we all LOVED this! It was different from the usual Japanese fried rice. I can’t place my finger on what made it different, but whatever it was, it was awesome!

An assortment of Yakitori – I forgot to take down the Japanese names, but it was (from L-R): green bell peppers, chicken skin, pork belly and chicken liver. I tried the pork and liked the sauce it had. Jodie had the chicken skin and she liked it. JodiesDaddy had the rest and he liked it all.

Jodie Had:

Tori Karage – their twist was to use sesame seeds to give the Karage it’s crunch.

JodiesDaddy Had:

Zaru Soba – he found the soup base to be a little bland. But for the price, it was quite a generous serving of noodles. This was also wiped out.

A Highball – Classic Suntory

JodiesMommy Had:

Shitake Ebi Shinjo – a shiitake mushroom stuffed with a shrimp cake which was served with tempura sauce and 3 kinds of salt (sorry, I only remembered the curry salt). It was just average. Nothing to really rave about.

With the amount and variety of food that we ordered, we were bound to have some exceptional and some mediocre dishes and that’s exactly what happened. But I’m more than happy to report that the superb outweighed the average and because of that, we will definitely be back!

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