Sampling Paleo Manila

I had my first ever calorie-controlled or maybe diet meal (courtesy of JodiesNinang who won it from Paleo Manila) the other day. It exceeded my expectations since I honestly didn’t expect it to be that filling, satisfying and tasty (with exception of the chunky monkey crepe haha).


All-Natural Pizza Egg Muffin – it was a good start of the day. The sauce it came with was the one that added that pizza taste. I had this before 8 and it kept me full until lunch.


Mexican Shrimp and Tomato Salsa Salad – I had this as an appetizer before lunch. Nothing special, but I was happy with the relatively generous serving of shrimp.

Greek Beef Stifado with Mashed Sweet Potato and Carrots – tasted like a mechado/kaldereta dish. The beef was very tender and I liked how it went well with sweet potato mash.

Chunky Monkey Banana Crepe – apart from the Banana and the crepe, I didn’t know what this was filled with. I was not a fan.


Sambal Chicken with Garlic Bokchoy – one of the rare times I had microwaved chicken breast remain tender. The flavor was really good too! I didn’t like how the carrots were cooked though.

If only Paleo Manila weren’t that expensive, I would order this again in a heart beat and I would probably be inspired to lose weight!

Any suggestions for good diet-plans-meals in Manila?

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  1. Teesh Osita says:

    I don’t know any! But I loved ordering from Greenery KItchen for vegetarian meals 🙂

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