Midnight snacking

I realized that on several occasions this past month, we’ve indulged in late night snacking a tad too much.  While this satisfied our always-hungry bellies, it also increased our waistlines.  Sigh.

Tim Ho Wan

Did you know that the Tim Ho Wan branch in Uptown Mall is open until 3AM?!? Yes, siree!  I  think it’s probably because of it’s location being a stone’s throw away from well-know clubs like Valkyrie and Palace Pool Club. I honestly think it’s a good thing… because you never know when you get a sudden craving for their baked buns!

The menu at this time though had a shorter selection as it was their Supper Menu and not their regular one, but it still had a good selection.  I treated myself to a congee, and there’s nothing like a warm bowl of congee late at night to fill-up my tummy late at night.


Sweet Ecstacy

My observation with SweetX is that their burgers are not consistent.  There were times that I really had an awesome Steamed Burger, but this time around, it was a bit overcooked and dry.  The wings on the other had is another story.  I always LOVE their wings.  Crispy, juicy and full of flavor and my favorite is their Sriracha Lime wings.

Uncle Moe’s

I don’t know why I never heard of Uncle Moe’s before, but I will not dwell on that fact anymore because the important thing is, I now know it’s there!

It was easy for me to like Uncle Moe’s because it  exceeded any expectation I had of it.  First, it offered good tasting middle-eastern cuisine and second, it was relatively cheap.  It actually brought me back to my younger years when I would have Mr. Kebab (it was still called Persia Grill back then) to end an evening of drinking and partying.

The Beef Kebab was great!  My only complaint is that the kebabs were rather thin.  I guess that’s why it only Php155.00.  

This was their Special Beef Shawarma.  For Php195.00, I had high hopes but when I saw it, I was initially disappointed.  Primarily because of the size.  Thankfully its taste compensated for its lack of girth.  I wouldn’t mind ordering this again IF only it was bigger.

The Kofta Balls came highly recommended by several people close to me.  So I could not wait to go back and try it.  Unfortunately, I was not a fan.  I didn’t really like the tomato sauce smothering the cheese-filled meatballs.  It wasn’t a bad dish, it just wasn’t my favorite.

October brings in the season of watching what I eat.  While I doubt I will be diligent in avoiding late night snacking, I’m pretty sure it will be less of an occurrence.

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