Outback’s Typhoon

Last week, my office mates and I found ourselves in Outback, thanks to a Burger Promo they had – 50% off their Typhoon Burger – which was ending that same day.  I honestly felt it was worth it since the pattie was probably more than a quarter pounder (at least it felt like it) and tasted pretty good (not outstanding, though).  If the promo was still on-going, I would probably take my dad here.

To be honest, prior to last week, I can’t remember the last time I was in Outback.  It’s been ages!  I don’t recall any bad experience, it’s just never been a place that we would think of going to.. especially for steak or burgers.  In fact, the only reason I would think of ever going there is because I remember them serving Onion Blossoms.  It was actually the first thing I looked for and was initially saddened that I didn’t see it.  What they did have though was their own version called Typhoon Bloom.  While it tasted the same, it didn’t look the same! Hahaha theirs was more of onion rings stacked on top of each other.  Again, at least it tasted the same so I wasn’t really disappointed.

If I had to ask myself again, will I go back to Outback?  Maybe.  That’s if I were craving for some sort of Onion Blossom again :). What’s your favorite in Outback?

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  1. Teesh Osita says:

    I have never been to Outback!

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