Malcolm’s surprise!

Malcolm’s was full of surprises!

First, I had no idea they served breakfast.  To me, Malcolm’s was a deli that served sausages, burgers and steak lunchtime onwards.  But lo and behold, they had a pretty awesome breakfast menu.

The Steak and Eggs had slices of perfectly cooked and very tender 

Kitayama Wagyu Flank steak which served with eggs and hash browns.  JodiesDaddy had a side of garlic rice with his.

The Breakfast Platter had these awesome wagyu sausages.  I just wish it was served with more bacon and I should have asked for rice instead of bread haha.

Secondly, and the best surprise of their breakfast menu, was their Buttermilk Pancakes which they described as “Best Pancakes in Town.”  I agree with this statement wholeheartedly.  I would recommend these pancakes in a heartbeat!  

The pancakes were not only soft and fluffy but also had that oh-so slight buttermilk tartness in every bite.  It was a perfect contrast to the sweetness of the powdered sugar and maple syrup.  And for the 2 times that I’ve had it, it was always served hot and fresh.

Secondly, I was surprised that they had probably the cheapest roasted bone marrow in Manila!  It had that rich, buttery marrow like any marrow for only Php200.00!  Not bad, eh?

And lastly, I didn’t realize that Sizzling Bulalo could be so good!  The wagyu beef fell off the bone with a nice big dallop of marrow.  The gravy tasted like a normal beef gravy but still went well with steamed rice.

I will repeat myself, Malcolm’s Deli was FULL of surprises but if there would be a reason for me to go back there, it would be because of their Buttermilk Pancakes, hands-down.  Have any of you tried it yet?  What do you think?

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