Wooden Spoon wonders

Wooden Spoon is a creation of Sandy Daza the son of Nora Daza who is the Philippines’ very own Julia Childs. She is an icon in Filipino cooking. Her cookbook called Let’s Cook With Nora was a staple in our household and I even bought it for myself when I got married. She also hosted a cooking show, Cooking it Up with Nora which JodiesNinang and I would religiously watch (every Saturday) growing up (and I think that’s where our fascination with cooking shows started). It was because of this show that I first heard of and watched Sandy Daza.

Wooden Spoon‘s take on Filipino food is the taste of Filipino that I know of and love. And if I had to choose one dish that defines Wooden Spoon it would have to be their Crab Pancit. Don’t be fooled by this simple looking dish because it was anything but simple. It was light with a nice crunch and impeccable flavor!

The Adobo Flakes were also really good! And to someone like me who absolutely loves a good crunch, this is always a good way to eat adobo!  The flakes on their version however, were more stringy than crunchy.

Another awesome find was Wooden Spoon’s Seafood Kare-Kare.   It had that rich slightly-nutty Kare-Kare gravy that went so well with their shrimp paste.  Oh and there were generous servings of seafood in this dish so it will leave you quite satisfied.

JodiesDaddy is really not a fan of having Filipino food outside of the house (why pay for it when we can cook it at home, he says), while I don’t mind it at all.  Wooden Spoon however is that one place he would give-in to, and I can’t be happier.  Wooden Spoon is LOVE.

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