Celebrating the big four-oh

Last November, JodiesNinang (my twin sister, if it wasn’t obvious) and I turned the big four-oh, can you believe it?!  Because I sure can’t!  I initially had hoped to lose forty pounds for my birthday, but since that obviously didn’t materialize, I decided to celebrate by eating to my heart’s (not to mention belly’s) content.

Since our birthday landed on a Saturday, we kicked it off at our favorite Seaside Market restaurant, Hong Kong Master Cook.  To be honest, this was JodiesDaddy’s request because he really wanted to eat his crabs.  I obliged because I like eating there!  He chose the crabs, but I chose the rest of the menu.

From top left (clockwise): Clams with tausi, Sinigang with Prawns, Grilled Pork Belly and Crab Sotanghon.

As usual we over ordered and ended up with a lot of leftovers.  Boo.  To say that we were stuffed would be an understatement.  The only dish that was nearly wiped out was the Crab Sotanghon.  Don’t worry, we did not waste any food and gave it to the next security guards/parking attendants who willingly accepted it.

By the time dinner time came along, we were still stuffed.  I now had dibs on what we were going to eat for dinner and I wanted to eat something light yet satisfying.  I also did not want to wander too far from where we were, so I opted for:  Pinks!  I had always wanted to try Pinks but JodiesDaddy not too much.  So suggesting it on my birthday seemed the way to go!  He could not complain hahaha

From top to bottom: My Don’t Mess With Texas and Jodie’s Naked Dog with cheese
From top to bottom: JodiesDaddy’s Cheese Burger and an order of Homemade French Fries

I enjoyed Pinks! The hotdogs were decent. I was not able to try out Jodie’s Naked Dog, but she devoured it so I guess that’s a thumbs up for her. My order, “Don’t Mess With Texas” had my fix of bacon and onion rings all in one dog, so I was very happy. Surprisingly, the burger was very juicy and tasty.

My birthday would not be complete without a breakfast buffet and my much coveted bacon breakfast and Shangri-La’s High Street Cafe hit the spot!  While I was not able to get it on the day itself, I didn’t mind waiting for the next day.  This was one of my favorite breakfast buffet’s ever!a48347c4-6131-40b2-a616-3f5e9b38fcff

To end my birthday weekend, I dragged JodiesDaddy to our neighborhood deli for a late dinner of Wagyu Steak.  Truth be told, I was not really hungry.  I was just really craving for steak.  Again, since it was my birthday weekend, he happily obliged.img_1185

I honestly thought my weekend of food would end with that steak.  I was wrong!  JodiesNinang wanted to treat me and my dad for lunch!!  It was my turn to oblige hahaha she took us to High Street Cafe (as I suggested) and I absolutely loved the buffet!  The highlights were the Claypot rice and their desserts!  It was all amazing!

A glimpse of what I had. The Claypot Rice (bottom left) was my favorite. Not shown are the awesome desserts!

Turning forty turned out to be bittersweet.  While I had a most excellent weekend of food, and awesome staycation with my family was able to spend even just 2 hours my twin and my dada,  I was absolutely missing my mom, my sister and my brother who are abroad — even with FaceTime and Viber, it’s still different, you know?  Oh well.  Enough drama.

Cheers to being 40 and I am definitely looking forward to the next 40 years! 🙂

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  1. Teesh Osita says:

    Super belated happy birthday JodiesMommy and JodiesNinang! 🙂

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