This Family Eats at Goto Monster

The first time I heard or read about Goto Monster was when JodiesDodoBoy (my dad) posted about it in his Facebook.  JodiesDaddy and I were immediately intrigued by it especially since we love lugaw (congee, rice porridge) and we love hole-in-a-walls!  So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we found ourselves there less than a week after the post.

While JodiesDaddy likes his lugaw with tripe and whatever innards i.e. GOTO, I like the “safer” kind i.e. Arroz Caldo.  This is Goto Monster’s version of the arroz caldo:  Chikadobo Special.  Instead of the usual boiled chicken pieces, theirs was garnished with chicken adobo flakes and tinapa flakes!  It was comfort food at its best.Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

What sets Goto Monster apart from other Goto-han’s I feel, is the fact that their lugaw-base is the kind that allows you to season it to your liking.  In fact, they have a wide variety of sawsawans (sauces, dipping sauces) for you to season your lugaw with.  Apart from the lugaw, they have also have rice meals, tokwa (tofu), other side orders and desserts (which unfortunately I was not able to try) on their menu.  To top it all off, their prices are very, very reasonable!

Have you been here?  What was your favorite?

P.S.  A few days after our visit, I was craving for Arroz Caldo again!  Eek!  Using already cooked rice and a recipe I found online, I was able to re-create a more-or-less traditional arroz caldo at home hahahaimg_1292

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