Smashed Burgers at Burger Joint

While searching for a place to eat at SM Aura’s Food on Four, my curiosity  was tickled when I saw Great American Burger Joint.  They had me at their “smashed burgers,” something I would only watch about in Food Network.  I got the Juicy Lucy (again something I only watched in the Food Network).  It lived up to its name.  This was hands down one of the juiciest burgers I’ve ever had.  However, I was not fan of the flavor.  You know how some burgers have a strong “beef” taste and smell?  It had that.  Some folks love their burger that way but I do not.  I prefer my burgers to have more seasoning in the patty itself, and I really am not fan of that “smell”.

1-20-17-burger-joint-1Nonetheless, I still felt that this was definitely value for money.  With a burger as huge as that, I really would not mind spending Php300.00 for it.  I would still highly recommend Burger Joint to burger freaks like JodiesNinong and JodiesDodo.

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