What’s For Lunch? Duck & Buvette!

One fine, boring Friday, CA and I were thinking of where and what to eat for lunch.  I just wanted to get out of the office, and I personally did not want to make the decision.  Since CA needed to buy a Valentine’s gift for his girlfriend and I had time to kill, we found ourselves in Duck and Buvette which is all the way in Shangri-La Plaza.

I’ve never eaten here, but CA was raving about it so I guess it follows that we ordered what was already tried and tested by CA and his girlfriend, JE.

First up, the Crispy Potato Pavé & Salty Duck Egg. The actual potato cube caught me by surprise as it reminded me of a Mille Crepe with the almost paper thin layers of potatoes stacked on top of each other. How did they do that?! The potato cubes were topped with Crème Fraîche and crumbled salted duck egg. The Crème Fraîche went well with the potatoes and I could have done without the salted egg as I hardly tasted the saltiness of the egg.02-10-17-duck-buvette1

For our main course, we shared 12oz of USDA Prime Paleron (chuck) steak. It was tender, cooked perfectly and had a good flavor to it. It is normally served with crispy frites, but it was not available when we were there so they served it with mashed potatoes instead. It was a blessing in disguise because the mashed potatoes were the best I’ve ever had. It had this gooey, sticky texture. So good!02-10-17-duck-buvette3

Overall, this was an excellent meal, if I may say so.  It was so worth the trek from Makati to Ortigas.  Has anyone tried it here yet?  What else is good?


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