This Family Eats at Bun Appetit

Whenever we find ourselves at Salcedo Market these are normally our staples:

  1. Manvy’s spinach noodles and
  2. a Hotdog sandwich from Z’s Sausages
  3. Ilocos Empanadas
  4. and maybe Takoyaki Balls

Once in awhile, we try out something different – as we did the day we had  these Lobster and Crab Rolls from Bun Appetit.  I’m a little too late in my discovery of Bun Appetit (I think it’s been there for more than 2 years already), but I guess that’s what happens when you get boring and stick to what has been tried and tested.  I heard of these rolls first from an officemate who had recommended it.  And then later that week, an article from Esquire popped up on my Facebook feed tickling my curiosity even more.  I just had to try it.

So I did.  During my first attempt, I failed and was left disappointed because they were sold out (and yes, this heightened my curiosity yet again) for the day.  Luckily, we came back 2 weeks after — and yes, I finally had it.  As the rolls are on the pricey side (Php295.00 for the shrimp and Php495.00 for the lobster), I really just wanted to share my lobster roll with Jodie.  But she really wanted her own shrimp.  When I told her that I will just get her something else in the market, her face fell — then my heart broke.  I had to get her the shrimp roll as well.

Our verdict:  They were both amazing and took me by surprise. First, I didn’t expect it to be packed with so much shrimp/lobster. Makes the price so worth it. And second, I expected it to be smothered in some tartar-like dressing and it wasn’t – which made me and Jodie savor the taste of the seafood more.  To me, they were both winners!  It was really good!  Jodie finished her roll all by herself, btw.  02-16-17-bun-appetit

I was really happy with our lunch that day.  Not only was it flavorful, it wasn’t too heavy too.  I can’t wait to have another one.  I noticed that they also have grilled cheeses now… so I think I will be back to try their grilled cheese next.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Teesh Osita says:

    If only I can get myself to go all the way to Salcedo Market early in the morning, I’d try this out too!

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