This Family Eats at Solaire’s Food Court

When I was looking for food choices at Solaire, I crowdsourced and asked my friends.  Not too many had suggestions, but those who had, highly recommended Solaire’s Food Court.  Without thinking twice we ended up there while waiting for our show to begin.

Lo and behold, the food WAS good.  It was definitely a pleasant surprise! 

Jodie had Beef Caldereta and it was one of the (if not THE) best caldereta I’ve had. The beef was just soooooo tender. I really loved it that I would go back to Solaire just to have it again!  Honestly, I’ve been craving for Caldereta ever since.

JodiesDaddy had Mee Goreng and it was very spicy.  It was too spicy that we didn’t even give Jodie any.  JodiesDaddy felt that it was as authentic as it can get.  

I on the other hand was corny and had fried chicken. Boo.  The fried chicken was just average though.  I wish I just shared Jodie’s Caldereta instead.

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