This Family Eats:  Dean and Deluca

We really enjoy the food and coffee at Dean and Deluca and if only it weren’t too expensive, we would be there more often to try out their other offerings, but unfortunately it is.  That explains why we’ve been there only twice since they opened.

Shown here are what we’ve had so far in Dean and Deluca:

1) Iced Café Dulce de Leche where I had to pour the espresso over an glass of iced dulce de Leche. It was really nice.

2) KFC or Korean Fried Cauliflower which was Jodie’s choice but she ended up not eating it because it was a little too spicy. Ron and I liked it though and I’m going to try to recreate this at home.  Think Bon Chon but instead of chicken, it’s a cauliflower!

3) Mine and Jodie’s Truffle Honey Fried Chicken with a biscuit. Nothing special with the fried chicken, but the biscuit was superb as the truffle flavor stands out.

4) Ron’s Lanna Fish Curry which he loved the taste of but found the fish a little bit too itchy. Might not be as fresh, he says. 

5) Jodie’s Truffle Fries.  Truffle + Fries always make a great combination!

6) Their Pastrami Sandwich was one of the best pastrami sandwiches I’ve had.  Ever.  What sets it apart is probably the amount of pastrami it had.  Drool.

Dean and Deluca’s ambiance sort of reminds me of a brighter Wildflour.  Even their food reminds me of Wildflour.  Makes me wonder if Wildflour patterned itself after Dean and Deluca hmmmmm.  Not judging, promise.  I love Wildflour too 🙂

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