What’s For Lunch?  Pink’s Hotdogs!

Long-overdue lunch at Pink’s with the BAe’s.

I was torn between the Tokyo Dog and the Breakfast All Day Dog.  The former won and it was an excellent choice!  The Tokyo Dog which was nothing short of delicious was topped with unagi sauce, coleslaw, tempura flakes, wasabi mayo, togarashi.  Someone commented that it looked like a garden.  But it was a very delicious garden!

We also all shared a Pink’s Platter which was larger than expected and had a little bit of everything – wings, onion rings and chili cheese fries. 
As if we weren’t already full from all the food, TP ordered some cheeseburgers to share (not shown)!  No one objected as we devoured everything.  That is how TP’s BA’s roll.  Burp. Excuse Me.

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