Vacationing in Baguio – Day 2

We woke up bright and early the next day, excited for a day of doing “what the tourists” do. First stop for the day was breakfast at Tapa King which was just a quick walk from the Manor.   I know that this is not unique Baguio dining but what can I say, we missed Tapa King (I think the last time I had Tapa King was more than 4 years ago)!  It did not fail and tasted the same as I remember it to be. 

A visit to Mines View Park came next. Even if we were there before 10AM, it was already starting to get packed with people. So we hurriedly had the obligatory strawberry taho (which I found too sweet and left me quite disappointed), paid P50.00 for a picture of Jodie on the horse with pink hair (there were so many horses with pink hair– I didn’t know what to make of it), and took several photos of the view.  Nope, we didn’t pay the extra P20.00 to dress up in a Cordillera costume nor did we take photos with the Saint Bernard’s. We’re KJ that way. To be honest, we could not wait to go to someplace less crowded that’s just how we roll but we were getting a little to claustrophobic.Day 2 - 1

Next stops were The Mansion, Wright park and Ketchup Food Community. Those 3 are close to each other so it was perfect. It was more pleasant here as we were able to take our time walking from The Mansion then down the steps to Wright Park. What was not so pleasant was the smell of the horse’s poop (sorry, city girl here so I’m not used to the smell) and for some reason, I really found all the pink-haired horses and the posing Saint Bernard dogs bothersome.  Please know that this is just my opinion and I am not passing judgement to anyone who enjoys riding/posing with them!  Jodie is proof of that 😉  We didn’t eat at Ketchup Food Community since it was still too early for lunch, we just really wanted to see what it was all about.Day 2 - 2Day 2 - 3

We then made our way to Burnham Park for some Go Karting and boating which both JodiesDaddy and Jodie enjoyed. Truth be told, I was at the edge of my seat during the boat ride hahaha I thought we were going to capsize hahaha but it turned out to be good good fun!  There were a LOT of people in Burnham, but since it was a more spacious park, it didn’t feel so claustrophobic. We were done with our Burnham experience right in time for lunch.

Day 2 - 4
Karting and Boating.  Burnham Park staples.

Lunch was at Chef’s Home – A Taste of Asia which was again a highly recommended restaurant by not only online reviews but also by friends.  And I have to say, that it is a MUST try in Baguio. It serves really, really delicious and authentic (thanks to the Malaysian chef/owner) Asian food (Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai). Some of the best I’ve ever had in the Philippines!  We had: Chilled Lemongrass with Pandan tea, Thai fried rice, Chicken fillet with salted egg yolk, Sambal Kang Kong and Char Kway Teow. There was no dish that we were disappointed with.  Everything was just delicious, it was my best meal in Baguio so far.  We were tired and stuffed after lunch and headed back to the hotel for a much needed nap.Day 2 - 5

Day 2 - 6
All of these were sooooooo good!

Our afternoon was spent horseback riding inside Camp John Hay. Jodie’s horse was named Commander and he actually intimidated me because he was so tall hahaha but she was a trooper and enjoyed going around and around and around. JodiesDaddy and I were apprehensive in allowing her to go on a trail ride without us.

Day 2 - 7
They just literally went around and around that small field.  There is a trail though, if you are feeling adventurous.

For our afternoon snack we went back to the hotel had a super yummy Sisig Pizza (Jodie’s choice!) and JodiesDaddy had his beer. Walked around the garden while waiting for the food.  Since Easter was around the corner, the Manor’s garden was decorated with an Easter theme.  It’s really so lovely.

Day 2 - 8
The Manor 🙂
Day 2 - 9
That sisig pizza was one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had.  Who would’ve thought sisig can be pizza!

We found ourselves again at Le Chef for dinner and it was again an excellent meal. However, I think there were some OJT servers so service was not as impeccable as the first night. But we were in a good mood to complain.  We were supposed to go to Starbucks later that evening… but when the bed calls you, how can you ignore it, right? Starbucks would have to wait.

Day 2 - Dinner
From Top left (clockwise):  Cream of Ratatouille soup,  Jodies Pesto, Banana Split for dessert and some ribs

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  1. Teesh Osita says:

    I didn’t know you can go kart in Baguio!! There are so many great restaurants to try, I can’t wait to go back!

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