Vacationing in Baguio – Day 3

Since we just had half a day left in Baguio, I am happy to report that we were still able to squeeze in a visit to 3 more places that were always in our must-do/see list in Baguio:

  1. Good Shepherd – for Ube and Strawberry jam shoppingBaguio Day 3 - 1
  2. Breakfast at Cafe By the Ruins – I almost gave up ever trying out Cafe By the Ruins because this is not JodiesDaddy’s thing plus we were worried about parking. Good thing JodiesDaddy insisted that we go (I think he knew how much I wanted to go there).  I also thought I would find it overrated with the food mediocre at best.  But was I wrong.  It lived up to the hype of it being one of the MUST go-to restaurants in Baguio. To start, we ordered some Basil Bread and had bowls of fresh fruit (it came with our food).  We also had some hot chocolate to (and it was the kind of hot chocolate that we love!) go with our meals of Tapa (for Jodie), Bacon and Eggs (for Me) and Longganisa (for JodiesDaddy).  The tapa reminded me of steak, the bacon was something different yet the same in its own unique way but the longganisa… unfortunately, this was the only miss.  We found the sausage to be a wee bit too mushy for our taste. (SIDE NOTE:  Just this last weekend Labor Day weekend, Cafe By the Ruins burned down.  So sad :()Day 3 - Breakfast1Day 3 - Breakfast2
  3. Starbucks at Cottage 661 – Ron was fixated on recreating a Starbucks moment he had in Baguio several years before. We weren’t able to go at night and the weather was not cold either soooo, this plan kinda failed. BUT at least we got to sit on the same seats and he had his coffee.Baguio Day 3 - 28

The rest of the morning was spent walking around the garden before we finally headed home.  On the way down at Kennon Road, I was finally able to take a photo of the Lion. Kennon sort of frightens me though hahaDay 3 - 4

Overall, this Baguio trip was close to perfect and we cannot wait to go back!

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