Mother’s Day Lunch at Boutique Burger Kitchen

It goes without saying that for Mother’s Day, I got dibs as to where we were going to eat.  There was a problem though because I could not make up my mind! AAARRRGGGGHHH.  I had a list which included Korean and Yakitori and even to good ol’ Din Tai Fung.  I even was subtly passing the decision to JodiesDaddy and Jodie, because I wanted everyone to enjoy the meal — not just me.  Finally, I threw caution to the wind and chose, Boutique Burger Kitchen (BBK).  JodiesDaddy and Jodie are not HUGE fan of burgers, btw haha

I first heard of Boutique Burger Kitchen  from my dad who is a burger freak.  All I knew about the place was 1) it was located where the first Draft Gastropub  used to be (JodiesDaddy and I were devastated when it closed down!  It was always our go-to date-night place) and 2) It’s by Chef Carlo Miguel and I loved his food from Draft! Actually, as we stepped inside BBK we were transported to a turquoise colored Draft hahah literally the same set up of tables but just painted with a bright turquoise and decorated with diner memorabilia instead.

I had a classic cheeseburger while JodiesDaddy and Jodie each had the Gourmet Burger steak. The taste of the burger was good, but the patty itself was a little too mushy for us. Unfortunately, JodiesDaddy also had to return his food because the patty was raw inside as if it was frozen when placed on the griddle.  They were nice enough to change it for a new one.

I loved all the appetizers!  The Crispy pickles was both tangy with a slight sweetness.  The batter was great too (I liked their version more than Sweet X’s).  The onion rings came close to my all time favorite onion rings from 8 Cuts, and the mozzarella sticks were Jodie’s favorite.  Not shown here were Jodie’s order of fries which she said was perfectly cooked! haha

Worth mentioning too was their homemade ketchup with Jodie liked. Tasted like a thick marinara sauce, so that was a plus.  It was served with all the sides.  On top of this Jodie ordered a Nutella Milkshake which she finished all to herself.  It was nice and thick.

I honestly think BBK was going through soft-opening blues because apart from JodiesDaddy’s raw patty the service could be improved.  JodiesDaddy thought the servers were spaced-out but I thought it was because there was an unpleasant surprise “crawling/running” across the floor (yep, I saw it with my own eyes and so did another family).   Oh well.  I still see potential in this place, and wouldn’t mind giving it another shot.  Besides, my sister said their Chicken Nuggets are the bomb!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Teesh Osita says:

    They have crawlies in the restaurant?! No, thank you!! (even if we’re big fan of burgers)

    1. JodiesMommy says:

      And it wasn’t a small one! It was ratatouille! I hope they solved the issue though.

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